Rocky Ridge Outfitters @ Starbuck Ranch
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Rocky Ridge Outfitters is a professional hunting service offering a variety of year round outdoor adventures.

Whether you're looking for the Trophy Whitetail Hunt, a Management Whitetail Hunt, Spring Turkey Hunt, or a Trophy Exotic Hunt, we have what your looking for. The ranch consist of 1400 acres high fence as well as 1600 acres low fence.
The high fence area is well stocked with Trophy Whitetails and a wide variety of exotics including: addax, aoudad, axis, blackbuck, buffalo, elk, fallow, oryx, sika and a variety of rams. The low fence area is covered in free ranging whitetails, hogs, coyotes, bobcats, fox and other native species. Both areas give the hunters multiple opportunities at harvesting a mature animal. The Ranch has a different array of terrains that vary from heavily wooded area to coastal fields. The ranch also provides good fishing holes to

relax during the midday hours.

We are sure between the hunting, fishing, and relaxing environment, you will find

that Rocky Ridge is a great place to spend a few days.

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